Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Wrap


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Go nuts!

Ok, this one is pure indulgence. Dripping with gooey peanut butter & honey, with fresh bananas and the salty crunch of potato chips – wrapped in a crispy toasted tortilla. A glass of cold milk never tasted so good.

So I’ve been seeing this trend on social media: slice a tortilla halfway through put decadent foods in each quarter, wrap it all up and toast it. You can go savory with ham, cheese, and tomato. You can go spicy with seasoned meat, beans, and fresh chiles. Or you can go bananas and replicate one of the greatest sandwich combinations of all time.

Easier to do than to explain

Start with a large tortilla flat on your work surface. Cut a slit from the center of the tortilla to the edge nearest you. You’ll be placing your peanut butter banana crunch wrap ingredients in each ‘quarter’ of the tortilla before wrapping it up and toasting it golden brown and crispy!

A bit of strategy is needed when you have ingredients that might slip around. That’s why I started with the peanut butter in the lower-left. As you wrap, the peanut butter will help keep the next ingredients from slipping out.

In the top two spots, place the bananas and chips – doesn’t really matter too much. Then, drizzle the honey over the whole thing. It’s ok to leave the bottom-right section empty – but you could put some more bananas or chips if you like. It might get a bit unwieldy at some point, and I don’t find that it’s necessary to fill that section. Let the honey drizzle over the whole thing and call it good!

Wrap things up…

Start with the lower-left, where the peanut butter is. Fold it upwards over the top of the bananas. Then, fold that section over onto the chips, and finish by folding the whole thing onto the lower-right flap, and you’re ready to toast!

Place a heavy skillet over medium heat. Well-seasoned cast iron is perfect, but any skillet will do. Melt a small amount – a teaspoon or less – of butter and spread it out large enough to cover the peanut butter banana crunch wrap.

Once the butter has fully melted, lay your wrap in the pan. You should hear a little bit of sizzle, but not too much. If it seems to be cooking too fast, turn it down a bit. All you need to do is toast the outside and warm up the inside. 2-3 minutes per side is all you need, so if you get to 3 minutes and things aren’t toasted enough, bump up the heat a bit.

Food By Joe Recipe Peanut Butter Crunch Wrap Tortilla Banana Honey

Enjoy your peanut butter banana crunch wrap!

Definitely serve these right away – as the tortilla cools, it can get a bit tough. Here are a few ideas for what you might serve with or on top of this peanut butter banana crunch wrap:

  • Crushed salted peanuts
  • Additional honey or maple syrup
  • Sliced bananas
  • Berries
  • Crushed potato chips
  • Chocolate syrup & whipped cream
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • …all of the above? ??
Food By Joe Recipe Peanut Butter Crunch Wrap Tortilla Banana Honey

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